And now on the Christopher/Sylvia stuff in ep 4. I don’t ship them, but they have a fascinating, dysfunctional dynamic.

He comes to visit his wife and sees her with the man she ran off with years ago (actually in the same hotel). And his face! Umm, Sylvia, perhaps a different traveling companion might have been wiser?

Then this scene, where they almost make love but ultimately don’t - I think it’s the last nail in the coffin. Because (a) he’s about a millimeter from having a nervous breakdown (b) he thinks he may die any moment, being at war and all (c) he’s been celibate for 5 years - if that is what it takes for a guy to consider sleeping with you, and even then it ultimately doesn’t happen, that relationship is deader-than-a-doornail dead. Though - once again - it’s Sylvia’s desire to play games that causes things to capsize. If she also didn’t invite her ex as some sort of a weird lesson, they wouldn’t have been interrupted, giving Christopher time to think and snap out of it, and she might have gotten her sexy times then.

And then the final scene in the ep - where he is being transferred to the trenches due to Sylvia’s stuff but also his own - he is someone who believes in absolutes in a grey world and that makes people uncomfortable - he is someone who genuinely believes things people pretend to believe but don’t really because that would make for very uncomfortable life. I actually loved this scene, where the general talks about Sylvia (the general finally found out she is…not a saint) because you can see Christopher try to explain his position (about not divorcing etc) and you can see the General look at him with pity - and in a pragmatic way, the General is right - if your wife runs off with another man, you either divorce her or you take her back properly and pretend nothing happened. (Though I must point out, Sylvia never apologized - who knows how things would have went if she did. I think not much better - I think some things relationships don’t get over, especially since he never loved her to start with - he found her desirable and exciting but he never loved her). Of course, it occurred to me that his hatred of divorce isn’t just due to his values - he is protecting himself too - he is an intensely private person (you can see how he hates talking about this even the little bit he does to the general) and divorce would break it all open. They need no fault divorce of the modern day! :)